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Asta Casino Tc Biser - Skopje, Macedonia Being the capital and largest city in the Republic of Macedonia spiele de, Skopje concentrates a jennifer elie share of the national economy. They are made of skopje casino illegal constructions not connected to electricity and water supply, which are passed from a generation to the other. Archived from the original börse 500 16 October According to the last official count fromSkopje has a population ofinhabitants; according to official estimates, the city has a population ofinhabitants, as of June 30, Slots Newest slots Webcam velden casino slots Progressive slots Reel slots. Timeline of Skopje history. The city severely suffered from the Great Turkish War carte mastercard casino espace client the end of the 17th century and consequently experienced recession until the 19th century. The project has been criticised because of its cost and its historicist aesthetics. Retrieved 6 February Snowfalls are common in kings casino rozvadov forum winter period, but heavy snow accumulation is rare and the snowcover lasts only for a few hours or a few days if heavy.

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After the insurgency between Albanian rebels and Macedonian forces in , a new law was enacted in to incorporate Saraj municipality into the City of Skopje.

Thus Albanian became the second official language of the city administration, something which was one of the claims of the Albanian rebels.

Municipalities are administered by a council of 23 members elected every four years. They also have a mayor and several departments education, culture, finances The mayor primarily deals with these departments.

Skopje is a medium city at European level. Being the capital and largest city in the Republic of Macedonia , Skopje concentrates a large share of the national economy.

Because there are no other large cities in the Republic of Macedonia , and because of political and economical centralisation, a large number of Macedonians living outside of Skopje work in the capital city.

The dynamism of the city also encourages rural exodus , not only from Macedonia, but also from Kosovo , Albania and Southern Serbia.

In , Skopje had 26, firms but only of them had a large size. The large majority of them are either small 12, or very small 13, The city industry is dominated by food processing, textile, printing and metal processing.

Other zones are located between Aerodrom and Kisela Voda, along the railway to Greece. Two special economic zones also exist, around the airport and the Okta refinery.

As the financial capital of the Republic of Macedonia , Skopje is the seat of the Macedonian Stock Exchange , of the National Bank and of most of the Macedonian banking, insurance and telecommunication companies, such as Makedonski Telekom , Komercijalna banka Skopje and Stopanska Banka.

Besides many small traditional shops, Skopje has two large markets, the "Zelen Pazar" green market and the "Bit Pazar" flea market. They are both considered as local institutions.

The largest, Skopje City Mall, opened in It comprises a Carrefour hypermarket, shops and a cinema, and employs 2, people.

The City of Skopje had , inhabitants within its administrative limits in The second most populous municipality, Kumanovo , had , inhabitants in , [] and an urban unit of 76, inhabitants in Before the Austro-Turkish war and the Great Fire , Skopje was one of the biggest cities in the Balkans , with a population estimated between 30, and 60, inhabitants.

Since then, the demographic growth has continued at a steady pace. Skopje, as the Republic of Macedonia as a whole, is characterised by a large ethnic diversity.

The city is located in a region where Ethnic Albanians and Macedonians meet, and it welcomed Romani, Turks, Jews and Serbs throughout its history.

Skopje was mainly a Muslim city until the 19th century, when large numbers of Christians started to settle there. According to the census, Macedonians were the largest ethnic group in Skopje, with , inhabitants, or Then came Albanians with , inhabitants They also form a majority in Butel and Gazi Baba which are north of the river.

They form a large minority in Butel and Gazi Baba. Relations between the two largest groups, Macedonians and Albanians, are sometimes difficult, as in the rest of the country.

Each group tolerate the other but they tend to avoid each other and live in what can appear as two parallel worlds.

Its exact size is not known because many Macedonian Roma declare themselves as belonging to other ethnic groups or simply avoid censuses.

However, even if official figures are underestimated, Skopje is the city in the world with the largest Roma population. Religious affiliation is diverse: Macedonians, Serbs, and Vlachs are mainly Orthodox, with the majority affiliated to the Macedonian Orthodox Church ; Turks are almost entirely Muslim; those of Albanian ethnicity are largely Muslim, although Skopje also has a sizeable Roman Catholic Albanian minority, into which Mother Teresa was born; the Roma Gypsies represent a mixture in almost equal numbers of Muslim and Orthodox religious heritage.

According to the census, The city also had Catholic 0. After the war, most of the survivors settled in Israel. Because of its Ottoman past, Skopje has more mosques than churches.

Religious communities often complain about the lack of infrastructure and new places of worship are often built. It has an Orthodox cathedral and seminary, several madrasahs , a Roman Catholic cathedral and a synagogue.

Skopje has several public and private hospitals and specialised medical institutions, such as the Filip II Hospital , a psychiatric hospital, two obstetric hospitals, a gerontology hospital and institutes for respiratory and ocular diseases.

The ratio of medical specialists was also higher than in the rest of the country. However, the ratio of hospital beds, pharmacists and dentists was lower in Skopje.

In , the mortality rate was at 8. The infant mortality rate was at 6. Skopje has 21 secondary schools; 5 of which serve as general high-school gymnasiums and 16 vocational schools.

Cyril and Methodius University , founded in The university has 23 departments, 10 research institutes and is attended by an average of 50, students.

The largest private universities in Skopje are currently European University with 7 departments [] and FON University with 9 departments respectively.

Skopje is the largest media center in Macedonia. Of the newspapers surveyed in by the Ministry of Information, over had their headquarters in Skopje.

The daily Dnevnik , founded in , with 60 runs per day is the most printed in the country. Other major newspapers in Skopje, totally private, are Utrinski Vesnik 30, copies , Vest 25, copies and Vreme 15, copies.

Magazines Fokus 12, copies , Start 10, copies , and Denes 7, copies also have their headquarters in Skopje. Founded in , it operates with three national broadcast channels, twenty-four hours at day.

The most popular private television stations are Sitel. Radio Antenna 5 and Metropolis are two other major private stations that have their headquarters in Skopje.

Also, the city boasts big news agencies in the country, both public, as the Macedonian Information Agency , and private, such as the Makfax. As the capital and largest city of Macedonia, Skopje has many major sporting facilities.

The city has three large swimming pools, two of which feature Olympic pools. These pools are particularly relevant to coaching water polo teams.

The basketball court Kale can accommodate 5 people and the court of Jane Sandanski, people. The largest stadium remains the Philip II Arena.

The stadium, built in and named until , City Stadium Skopje [] experienced a total renovation, begun in to meet the standards of FIFA.

Fully renovated the stadium contains 32, seats, [] and a health spa and fitness. The Boris Trajkovski Sports Center is the largest sports complex in the country.

It was opened in and named after president Boris Trajkovski , who died in It includes room dedicated to handball, basketball and volleyball, a bowling alley, a fitness area and an ice hockey court.

Its main hall, which regularly hosts concerts, holds around 10, people. Their workouts are held at Philip II Arena, like those of the national team.

The city is also home to many smaller football clubs, such as: Thessaloniki is kilometres miles south and Belgrade is kilometres miles north.

Corridor X locally corresponds to the M-1 motorway E75 , which is the longest Macedonian highway. It also corresponds to the Tabanovce - Gevgelija railway.

Skopje is not quite on the Corridor X and the M-1 does not pass on the city territory. Thus the junction between the M-1 and M-4 is located some 20 kilometres 12 miles east, close to the airport.

Although Skopje is geographically close to other major cities, movement of people and goods is not optimised, especially with Albania. This is mainly due to poor infrastructure.

As a result, The first highways were built during Yugoslav period, when Skopje was linked through the Brotherhood and Unity Highway to, what was then, Yugoslav capital Belgrade to North, and Greek border to South.

The main railway station in Skopje is serviced by the Belgrade - Thessaloniki and Skopje- Prishtina international lines. Skopje has several minor railway stations but the city does not have its own railway network and they are only serviced by intercity or international lines.

Several other stations are freight-only. Skopje coach station opened in and is built right under the main railway station. It can host coaches in a day.

Indeed, it is regularly linked to many Macedonian localities and foreign cities including Istanbul , Sofia , Prague , Hamburg and Stockholm.

Skopje has a bus network managed by the city and operated by three companies. The oldest and largest is JSP Skopje, a public company founded in JSP lost its monopoly on public transport in and two new companies, Sloboda Prevoz and Mak Ekspres, obtained several lines.

However, most of the network is still in the hands of JSP which operates 67 lines out of Only 24 lines are urban, the others serving localities around the city.

A tram network has long been planned in Skopje and the idea was first proposed in the s. The project became real in when the mayor Trifun Kostovski asked for feasibility studies.

His successor Koce Trajanovski launched a call for tenders in and the first line is scheduled for A new network for small buses started to operate in June , not to replace but to decrease the number of big buses in the city centre.

The airport was built in The first commercial flights in Skopje were introduced in when the Yugoslav carrier Aeroput introduced a route linking the city with the capital, Belgrade.

Nowadays, International Airport Skopjeis located in Petrovec , some 20 kilometres 12 miles east of the city. Since , it has been managed by the Turkish TAV Airports Holding and it can accommodate up to four million passengers per year.

It also maintains a direct connection with Dubai and Doha, Qatar. Being the capital of the Republic of Macedonia , Skopje is home to the largest cultural institutions of the country, such as the National and University Library "St.

The city has several theatres and concert halls. The Univerzalna Sala, seating 1,, was built in and is used for concerts, fashion shows and congresses.

The Metropolis Arena, designed for large concerts, has 3, seats. A Turkish Theatre and a Philharmonic hall are under construction.

The largest museum in Skopje is the Museum of Macedonia which details the history of the country. Its icons and lapidary collections are particularly rich.

The National Gallery of Macedonia exhibits paintings dating from the 14th to the 20th century in two former Turkish baths of the Old Bazaar.

The Contemporary Art Museum of Macedonia was built after the earthquake thanks to international assistance. The Skopje City Museum is located inside the remains of the old railway station, destroyed by the earthquake.

It is dedicated to local history and it has four departments: The Macedonian Museum of Natural History showcases some 4, items [] while the ha Skopje Zoo is home to animals.

Although Skopje has been destroyed many times through its history, it still has many historical landmarks which reflect the successive occupations of the city.

Skopje has one of the biggest Ottoman urban complexes in Europe, with many Ottoman monuments still serving their original purpose. It was also a ground for modernist experiments in the 20th century, following the earthquake.

In the beginning of the 21st century, it is again the subject of massive building campaigns, thanks to the " Skopje " project. Skopje is thus an environment where old, new, progressist, reactionary, eastern and western perspectives coexist.

It seems to have been built by the Byzantines or the Turks, but it was already out of use in the 16th century. Skopje Fortress was rebuilt several times before it was destroyed by the earthquake.

Since then, it has been restored to its medieval appearance. It is the only medieval monument in Skopje, but several churches located around the city illustrate the Vardar architectural school which flourished around The church of St.

Panteleimon in Gorno Nerezi dates from the 12th century. Its expressive frescoes anticipate the Italian primitives.

Examples of Ottoman Turkish architecture are located in the Old Bazaar. Mosques in Skopje are usually simple in design, with a square base and a single dome and minaret.

There entrance is usually emphasised by a portico, as on Mustafa Pasha Mosque , dating from the 15th century. Some mosques show some originality in their appearance: Sultan Murad and Yahya Pasha mosques have lost their dome and have a pyramidal roof, while Isa Bey mosque has a rectangular base, two domes and two side wings.

Other Turkish public monuments include the 16th-century clock tower, a bedesten , three caravanserais , two Turkish baths and the Stone Bridge , first mentioned in The oldest churches in the city centre, the Ascension and St Dimitri churches, were built in the 18th century, after the Great Fire.

They were both renovated in the 19th century. The Church of the Ascension is particularly small it is half-buried in order not to overlook neighbouring mosques.

After , when Skopje was annexed by Serbia, the city was drastically westernised. Architecture of that time is very similar to the one of Central Europe , but some buildings are more creative, such as the Neo-Moorish Arab House and the Neo-Byzantine train station, both built in The reconstruction of city centre was partially planned by Japanese Kenzo Tange who designed the new train station.

Slavko Brezovski designed the Church of St. The reconstruction turned Skopje into a proper modernist city, with large blocks of flats, austere concrete buildings and scattered green spaces.

The city centre was considered as a grey and unattractive place when local authorities unveiled the " Skopje " project in The project has generated controversy: The scheme is accused of turning Skopje to a theme park , [] which is viewed as nationalistic kitsch, [] and has made Skopje an example to see how national identities are constructed and how this construction is mirrored in the urban space.

Fresco in the church of St. The Skopje Jazz Festival has been held annually in October since Another music festival in Skopje is the Blues and Soul Festival.

It is a relatively new event in the Macedonian cultural scene that occurs every summer in early July. The Skopje Cultural Summer Festival is a renowned cultural event that takes place in Skopje each year during the summer.

May Opera Evenings is a festival that has occurred annually in Skopje since and is dedicated to promoting opera among the general public.

Over the years, it has evolved into a stage on which artists from some 50 countries have performed. There is one other major international theater festival that takes place each year at the end of month September, the Young Open Theater Festival MOT , which was organized for the first time in May by the Youth Cultural Center — Skopje.

The festival has an international character, always representing theaters from all over the world that present and enhance exchange and circulation of young-fresh-experimental-avant guard theatrical energy and experience between its participants on one side and the audience on the other.

The Skopje Film Festival is an annual event held in the city every March. Over 50 films are shown at this five-day festival, mostly from Macedonia and Europe, but also including some non-commercial film productions from all over the world.

Skopje has a diverse nightlife. There is a large emphasis on casinos, many of which are associated with hotels, such as that of the Holiday Inn.

In , the Colosseum club was named fifth on a list of the best clubs in Southeastern Europe. Armin van Buuren , Above and Beyond , The Shapeshifters are just some of the many musicians that have visited the club.

Apart from the traditional Macedonian restaurants, there are restaurants featuring international cuisines. The Old Bazaar was a popular nightlife destination in the past.

The national government has created a project to revive nightlife in the Old Bazaar. Skopje is twinned with: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

From top to bottom, left to right: A street in the Old Bazaar. History of Skopje and Timeline of Skopje. Flag of Skopje and Coat of arms of Skopje.

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